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Mate you have zero credibility but you've been absolutely...

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    Mate you have zero credibility but you've been absolutely working your ass off downramping. The amount of effort you and Dugsab spend on this is as mind blowing as it is embarrassing. The SP climbs ever higher and you muppets weigh in more and more. The market is bullish on this and you can't stop it.

    Today we all learned why Dugsab does what he does. Can't believe you admitted that Dug, there goes any credibility you had. Similar story for you CryArgentina? Or disgruntled ex-employee perhaps? I really don't even care you're here spouting off each day because it makes no difference. But mate there's a couple thousand people here who see straight through you guys. The amount of effort you both put in belies your strong emotions surrounding LKE.

    If you're short (LKE had 0.5% short holding last time I checked) then good luck with that you're bleeding heavy now. And if you're not then put your money where your big mouth is.
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