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ni price forecasts and price changes

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    End of the 2nd quarter brings me to post this:

    To ghosta, dwecke and the other lo sers who attacked without substance -> eat it.....

    If you want further proof or REAL SUBSTANCE read my posts from:
    5,12,13,14,15,21 of May (on AGM and Ni threads) as to why....

    or for an earlier warning about it occuring at the time of year that it did you can go back to 22/2/07.....

    Subject: price crash
    Stock Code: NICKEL - Nickel Metal Ni 28

    Posted: 05/05/07 18:31 Hotcopper Radio: NICKEL on BoardRoom Radio

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    Its coming.

    Look at the past 5 years - around June / July

    Look what happens.

    The great destocking event is coming as I said before in 2nd Qtr 2007.

    Short term glich that will enable you to sell, and rebuy in.


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