Nexus Bonds (Any thoughts)

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    G'day peoples and people,

    Hope all is well.

    After leaving Bell Potter and joining ABN Amro, I received an offer for 'Nexus Bonds'. I thought it was a privileged offer (oh well - maybe one day!), however it is open to the public.

    The offer is for a minimum of $50 million (A$) to provide debt to 40 global companies, 55% of which are based in Au.

    The offer yields 10.25% p/a over 5 years. Seems quite interesting.

    I'm considering parking a few dollars there for about six months or so, to pick up some interest and sell at a premium - as monst ASX interest securities (particularly those at high yields) trade a premium of anywhere between 3 ad 7%.

    This all sounds good, however you must check to see if it's for you.

    One thing of interest is the Company Event section - something that makes this play more volatile than others.



    ASX Interest Rate Securities


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