TOL 0.00% $9.02 toll holdings limited

next week or two will be decisive.......

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    Just reviewing my stops on all stocks currently held and according to my exit criteria (a rather complex system that has a remarkable record of picking the end of a growth stock's run) TOL is getting very close to triggering an exit across the lot of my thought I would share my thoughts with you and hopefully save some bucks if this growth stock (like many others) comes undone. It would be a shame to exit such a great stock but I felt the same about my exit from WES at 30.70...........nedless to say I'm feeling better now!! And remember that the market is currently littered with stocks that are producing growing profits (CPU,RMD,WES,CSL,COH..............) but whose shares aren't worth holding.

    I won't go into detail on my system but my advice (take it or leave it) is to have a look at a daily/weekly chart,note the triangle forming and exit on a break (closing price) of the lower edge. Those familiar with the use of Bollinger Bands will also note a mother of a Bollinger squeeze indicating it will move quickly one way or another in the coming few weeks.

    As I said it ain't there yet and I hope it's not going to,but keep your eyes open. Hope this helps someone anyway.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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