VCR ventracor limited

next support 2.20

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    VCR is now trending down and over 30% away from highs...i dont see any support until 2.20.
    Momentum is down and many will be holding at a loss and wanting to exit due to stops being hit.
    The US market has been rising and the US biotech index ran like buggery last night only to see VCR fall.
    VCR came out with positive announcement this week which has had no effect on shareprice.
    Stock has been diluted due to rights issue and placement.
    Writeup in todays paper that nearly all the buying is coming from online punters with many t+3.

    If we gte a bad night in the states and something happens to either of the patients whammo...I mean really how much upside is there gonna be in the next few weeks compared to the risk reward game boys this stock has no earnings !!!
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