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These are token salemanlike reply and nothing new in its...

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    These are token salemanlike reply and nothing new in its contents.
    Like to see the back of AT for sure, under his watch and inaction and lack of business instinct and operation experience, the share price has tanked in decline mode for very long time time.
    He did nothing but crowing about the past, Iggy Tan would have achieved the same if the spod price had improved 6 or 9 months earlier
    We are screwed over by shorters for long period of time, and he just sitting on his hand and doing nothing, virtually nothing.
    He talked about share buy back, but nothing eventuate, just talk and talk typical saleman BS
    Communication still is a mess, no improvement.
    They would have inform the market the reason why only 30,000 ton will be shipped and not the 45,000 ton as communicated at the AGM, but they choose to stay silent or inform the market on the 30th June, in the meantime the SP got smash because of uncertainties.
    The classic blunder was the anticipated multi good news announcement that suppose to come at the end of 2018 esp the SDV deal,, knowing very well it is not going to happen weeks / months in advance, they dragged on and put out an announcement on the 11th hour i.e 31/12/2018 that there was no deal.
    The update and progress of SDV again virtually nothing, it is the crown jewel of the company - no strategy plan and no time line.
    The bottom line is, you simply can't put a saleman or a showman in charge of production and complex operation of a company.
    If share buy back is the go, JUST DO IT. No point talking about it.
    No point having lots of money in the bank but do not know how to use it to improve value or protect value.
    Is like a multi million stallion wondering in the back paddy with no stud duty.

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