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next sales figures announcement

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    Hi All.

    I was going to post earlier projecting a potential spike to $5 when November Sales and Decembers orders are released / announced.

    However the price has all but arrived and still no announcements.

    The risk here is that the price has moved up to quickly without the fundamentals being tabled. We all know what happens to share prices when shareholders get good news but were expecting more....(Can do more harm than good).

    However I have been watching the trades very closely and there have been a lot of pre-arranged trades of 150K shares +. (ie: you see the buy and sell go through on mkt all at once). Together with the earlier Colonial First State investment may make sense for the price rise before any announcements.

    These types of trades do not go on without some serious tyre kicking. So maybe these prices we see now may hold true for when the next annoucement comes along. Lets hope. Who knows, the news may even be sensational.

    Keeping my fingers crossed

    Cheers all

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Currently unlisted public company.

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