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    Thanks V,
    I think we are on the same page when it comes to the price of gold (upward trend and gentle retrace along the way every now and then).

    Our point of difference is the price of BDR. There is no reason to believe in the current environment that BDR will go lower to 19.5c or early 20c with the latest retrace in gold price as predicted by some.

    BDR is on the right track to deliver with the right management and there are plenty of catalysts to drive the share price higher. Because it is significantly undervalued at the current share price, it was the least affected with the latest pullback in gold price.

    Stocks that were fully priced or over valued like SBM, was the most affected, coming down fro $2.86 to sub$2 with the latest pullback. I made mention of that in my previous post.

    IMO, it is a wrong thing to do to sell a good company, severely undervalued with many news(catalysts) in the next three weeks, just because of expected pullback, thinking you can buy back in the teens or early 20s. Psychologically, you may fail to get back and you end up paying higher price to your previous entry point.

    You have a better chance of doing than with over priced or better saying fully priced stocks like SBM,NST or OGC--------------------------but not with BDR.

    The second point is after hearing Janet's speech and seeing big funds buying gold, I believe there is enough evidence to support a bull market in gold and money is made when you are ahead of the game. You may wish to wait when more news for gold or BDR to come out, buy be prepared to pay higher premium to get in.

    I only see value when the stock is cheap and in that case BDR fits my strategy well.

    Good Luck.

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