next advance for gold imminent?

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    Sinclair thinks so:

    "April 16, 2003

    Heads Up To The Gold Community
    We are getting very close!

    In my opinion, the low point of the reaction cycle in gold occurred on April 4th. It is amazing how weak the US dollar became as the Iraq situation slowed down. Each time the Blue Coats at the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) come to the rescue they seem to bump into offerings of such significance that they are forced to turn back. I hear there are huge offerings out of Asia in the market. We may well be in for a rough ride in the dollar well into May.

    I have been informed that the author of the Malaysian Gold Dinar, now Malaysian Premier and Finance Minister, Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, will serve as the Chairman of the Organization of Islamic States for the next three years. From a most reliable source, it is said that gold remonetization out of Malaysia is still on line to occur this year in the form of the Malaysian Gold Dinar.

    Please note that many of the leading gold shares are making good technical signals for higher prices, probably sooner than later. Get ready, get set, because this week, in my opinion, we will be in Go Mode for $358 as the first objective in gold's challenge of $400 one more time"
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