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    The day of reckoning approaches.

    Telstra want Newtel to retract their statement regarding the assignation of the amount owed by Newtel to Telstra.
    More questions are being asked about Broadband and Wireless, and its directors.
    Questions are being raised about the connections between a former director and company secretary, Newtel, Hake Capital and Sydney Gas.
    There is not too much interest on this forum in this company, but there is a lot of interest on Raging Bull about NWLL. If anyone has an hour or so to spare, the information on that forum is mind-blowing. I hope it is not all true. Obviously some American investors who have lost money on NWLL are not too happy.
    There is more information there than in all the Australian papers put together, and gives addresses, acn numbers, Hong Kong company connections including a different name for Broadband and Wireless in Hong Kong, other investments by Boston Securities (and the companies they have invested in Australia in the past). It includes analyst reports made at the time of the big rise in the NWL and NWLL shares at the time of the Xinhua "deal".

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