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    Some thought must be given to the B Digital announcement in reply to the report in the AFR today that Broadband and Wireless Group are interested in buying them. It includes the comment:
    "We also advise that details of the BWL and New Tel arrangements are
    unknown to B Digital Ltd."

    Just a couple of weeks ago Peter Malone said they were considering purchasing B Digital. B Digital denied they had any discussions with Newtel.
    "The directors of B Digital wish to inform the market that no
    discussions have taken place with New Tel on any topic."

    Newtel have 'imminently' done a deal with Broadband and Wireless (whoever they are).
    Broadband and Wireless are rumoured to be buying B Digital.
    Just whom do we believe? Is Broadband and Wireless just a Hong Kong entity for Newtel? Should Telstra let this company take over the Newtel debt to Telstra? Where did the $1m come from that Newtel transferred to Hong Kong just a week or so ago? And who received it?

    Newtel are considering disposing of their internet company Xinhua. This was going to be the "AOL" of China when it was first announced, although this Silicon Investor forum seemed to think differently.

    The company at that time immediately denied the assertions.
    Perhaps we will find out the true value of Xinhua etc soon.
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