newspoll shows abbott is preferred pm

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    >B<"Newspoll shows Abbott is preferred PM

    FOR the first time in Newspoll, Julia Gillard has sunk below Tony Abbott as the preferred prime minister.

    Ms Gillard is now he most unpopular modern leader since Paul Keating at his worst, according to the latest poll published in The Australian today.

    The poll shows that voter satisfaction for the prime minister, who won the job 12 months ago, has fallen to a record low.

    According to Newspoll, conducted last weekend in a telephone poll of 1,158 people, satisfaction with Ms Gillard was down two percentage points to 28 per cent, her lowest since becoming leader and a fall of 22 percentage points since she announced the carbon tax.

    The poll also shows that dissatisfaction with her has jumped to a high of 62 per cent, or seven points up in the past two weeks.

    When asked who would make the better prime minister, 41 per cent said Mr Abbott and 39 per cent preferred Ms Gillard.

    It was the first time she had come off second best in that area.

    Her government is faring no better with its primary vote crashing to a record low for Labor of 30 per cent.

    The coalition's support is steady at 46 per cent, with the Greens remaining at 11 per cent.

    The Australian says that based on second-preference flows at the last election, the coalition has maintained its election-winning lead over Labor of 55 to 45 per cent on a two-party-preferred basis."
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