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    Howard and Costello certainly left a toxic legacy.
    Most problems arose from 2 changes.
    1. super : abolition of rbl's, tax free status of post 60 year old pension phase . This then made the franking credits changes unsustainable, and even if the franking credits refunds are abolished for smsf's, still leaves pension phase taxation[or lack thereof] as unsustainable.
    I struggle to see the franking credits changes as the Libs fault, as this was Labor policy both before, and when , it was introduced.

    2. the change from the perfectly reasonable cgt on real[inflation adjusted] gains, to the flat 50% discount , sparked asset inflation and magnified the effects of negative gearing.
    I still dont understand why Labor has gone the way of the flat 25% discount, rather than going back to the old system, but still an improvement.

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