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    Most of the range of comments about the AIO share price have already been made, but one serious problem has become apparant through this episode. That is the lack of serious objective journalism in this country.
    I shall confine my comments to the coverage by The Age on Tuesday and Wednesday this week about AIO. After Wednesday I gave up reading the Business Day pages in disgust.
    On Monday there was a fall in AIO sp of 60%($1.035) or so.
    The only "new broker research" to come out was the Citi research valuing AIO at $0.82.
    Tuesdays article by The Age on this consisted of a lurid headline "on skids" accompanied by a cut and paste job from the Citi report. No attempt to commemt on the accuracy of the report, or ask why the Citi research a month earlier had valued Aio at $6.08, and yet people weren't lining up to buy at that price. They accepted that people awoke on Monday, saw the research and decided to dump their shares at a loss.
    Following AIO response on Tuesday, The Age had another artice on Wednesday. This article consisted of a cut and paste job of the AIO response and an extrordinary opening paragraph saying all the previous days losses of $1.035, had been regained on the Tuesday. Infact only $0.46 approx had been added to the price.
    So now the Age is showing that their Business Day writers are inumerate as well.
    These sort of sloppy, unprofessional standards in a supposed quality newpaper go a long way to explaining why newspapers in the country are loosing readership and revenue and why when we desperately need clear anaylis we get fed crap!
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