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    hi junior great post

    awhile ago i posted re the nasdac sign in times square
    it was a doco on tv i came in 1/2 way through it a figure of just over $30 mill was mentioned im not sure in what context , but i basicly took it as the cost of the board ongoing etc

    lum has already hit some nice goals and with more stated as coming im more than confident
    the mkts are immense and many . so the potential is vast , talk up until now has mainly been europe with roughly 15 sites stated , then theres the usa ,
    however there is still asia to come ::::))))
    i can only but imagine a few hundred boards running with incomes ranging from $800k to a few mill$$ per board annualy

    i hold lum as a long term invester

    regards gaga

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Currently unlisted public company.

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