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    The following provides an update on the recent activities of Virotec
    International Ltd (ASX/AIM: VTI). As detailed in the Company's Annual
    Report of 2002, the Company's business is currently clearly
    delineated into four divisions. This update looks at some of the
    progress achieved in each of these divisions as well as highlights
    some of the strategic alliances recently finalised.


    The Barragem Agua Forte ("BAF") treatment program is expected to be
    completed by the end of December 2002 and the full laboratory
    analyses of the final results is expected to be available within 3 to
    4 weeks after treatment has been completed. Due to the high level of
    contamination in this dam a detailed work programme has been followed
    to ensure the success of the project. Work on the site to date has

    * A series of laboratory trials on Agua Forte water samples of
    varying composition to simulate different amounts of dilution from
    rainwater and site run-off.

    * A trial treatment of BAF water was conducted in a small pond
    constructed on the site adjacent to the ViroMine reagent mixing
    facility. Water from the BAF was used to fill the pond to a volume of
    approximately 500 cubic metres and this pond was then successfully

    * A series of diversions channels being built around the dam to limit
    the impact of run off from the surrounding areas on the dam water
    once treatment has commenced.


    The US Environmental Protection Agency (Region 8) has concluded its
    report on the initial trials at the Gilt Edge Mine Site in South
    Dakota and a link to their full report will be provided on the
    Company website in the next few weeks. At this stage we are working
    with the US EPA on the planning for the next stage of the trials to
    be conducted on the site, and expect this work to commence early


    Virotec has been contracted to conduct a one-month co-funded
    wastewater treatment trial using its ViroChrome(TM) technology at a
    medium-sized tannery in Queensland, Australia, in early 2003. Many
    tanneries are faced with high levels of chromium III in their
    wastewater and sludge, adding to their environmental liability and
    costs of operation. Virotec expects to begin sludge remediation
    trials at the same tannery later in 2003, and will focus its sales
    and marketing efforts on tanneries in Australia and Asia during 2003.
    Tanneries in India have already been approached, and tannery
    association and government support will be sought.


    Virotec has completed a front-end engineering design study on aspects
    of a proposed waste-water treatment plant for the Port Authority of
    Rotterdam in The Netherlands to be built on Port Authority property.
    The facility is intended to support a planned major new petrochemical
    plant in Rotterdam. The Port of Rotterdam is significantly the
    world's largest port, in terms of throughput tonnage, handling more
    than 300 million tons annually.

    The contract has a value of approximately $180,000 (Euros 100,000)
    and was completed in November this year.


    Virotec is conducting an "Open Day" demonstration of its
    ViroSewage(TM) technology at the Kilcoy sewage treatment plant, in
    Queensland, Australia, on 17th December 2002. This will conclude a
    one-month full scale commercial trial of the technology with the
    Kilcoy Shire Council. Other councils and wastewater treatment
    specialists have been invited to attend this Open Day.

    The Open Day will demonstrate how the ViroSewage(TM) process reduces
    plant odour, increases plant capacity, and improves water quality by
    reducing phosphate, BOD, TSS, and turbidity levels, and improves
    colour and clarity in sewage effluent. The ViroSewage(TM) system aims
    to ensure sewage plants are able to comply with EPA aquatic ecosystem
    standards and to improve plant performance in treating and disposing
    of bio-solids.


    The Company has made presentations to other councils in Australia and
    in the United Kingdom, and based on the feedback received from
    potential clients is confident will be able to generate revenue from
    the ViroSewage(TM) technology early in 2003.


    Virotec has begun commercial trials on the treatment of acid sulphate
    soils at Tomei Australia Pty Ltd, in a large prawn farm in
    Queensland, Australia. Preliminary results suggest that the
    ViroSoil(TM) technology has the ability to lower pond pH and reduce
    heavy metals in pond sand, both major stressors on prawn life and

    Mr Thorbjorn Lyster of Tomei Australia has said that "since the
    filling and stocking of the treated ponds with the Peneaus monodon
    post-larvae we have been closely monitoring water, algae, and prawn
    progress and have noticed what appears to be positive improvement in
    the nature of the phytoplankton blooms and stability of pH. At this
    stage the crop appears to be progressing well."

    Final trial results and yield levels will be known by April 2003. If
    results are as expected, Virotec will target the prawn aquaculture
    industry in Australia and Asia in 2003.


    In addition to the commercial progress noted above, Virotec continues
    to negotiate a number of alliances that will assist in advancing the
    Company into new regions. These include the following which have
    recently been concluded: -


    Virotec has signed a two-year Memorandum of Understanding with
    Marubeni Corporation to jointly develop business opportunities in
    Japan and elsewhere in Asia, and to explore expanded business
    relations in the region.

    Marubeni has approximately 6,100 employees worldwide located in a
    total of 131 offices in 73 countries, and is one of Japan's largest

    Marubeni has identified Virotec's ViroMine and ViroFlow technologies
    as environmental technologies that have widespread applicability in
    the remediation of mine sites and waterways, the treatment of acid
    sulphate soils and industrial wastewater, and in other environmental
    and industrial applications in Japan and the Philippines. According
    to Japan's Ministry of Environment, soil remediation projects alone
    represent approximately US$109 billion.

    Marubeni has also targeted Virotec's Basecon(TM) technology as having
    significant potential for Japan's alumina refineries. Marubeni
    currently supplies Australian bauxite to alumina refineries in Japan,
    and is examining ways that Basecon(TM) may be deployed to neutralize
    alumina refinery residue so that it is environmentally benign and
    that refineries work toward a "zero liability" future.


    Virotec has entered into a Strategic Alliance Agreement with
    Geonenvirotec Co Ltd (www.geoenvirotec.co.kr), a Taegu-based
    environmental geochemistry and remediation company working with the
    Korean Institute of Construction Technology (KICT) to assess the
    applicability of Virotec's technologies in acid mine drainage and
    waste rock dump remediation, and the treatment of tannery effluent.
    In a recent issue of "Construction Technology Review", KICT published
    an article on Virotec's Bauxsol(TM) Technology, and its usefulness in
    treating a range of environmental problems in Korea.


    Virotec has signed a Business Development Agreement with Mahendra
    International to introduce Virotec's Basecon(TM) Technology to the
    alumina refineries of India. Mahendra International is a business
    development and consulting company based in New Delhi with more than
    40 years experience in mining, alumina refinery processes, and other
    aspects of waste water and soil treatment. There are four primary
    alumina refineries in India, and Mahendra International has the
    rights to initiate pilot projects and site trials of Basecon(TM)
    technology at these refineries. This agreement follows from the
    Memorandum of Understanding signed between the parties in February


    In addition to the above, Virotec has entered into Marketing and
    Licensing Agreements with the following companies in India: -

    * Lars Enviro Pvt Ltd, an associated company of the Larsen Group in
    the United States. Lars Enviro is an environmental project
    engineering firm based in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

    * Associated Environmental Engineers Pvt Ltd, a Baroda, Gujarat-based
    environmental engineering and energy conservation firm which offers
    environmental solutions and services to both industry and the
    community. Associated Environmental Engineers has expertise in
    environmental management consulting and wastewater engineering.

    Virotec International Ltd develops new technologies and manufactures,
    distributes and applies new market-driven environmental products for
    water and soils. For further information, please visit our web site
    at www.virotec.com.


    Virotec International Ltd Tel: +617 5530 8014
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