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    Good day people,

    Yeah, email and contact them as much as you like. You will just get more stonewalling and pie in the sky dribble. And then count yourself fortunate.

    I unfortunately moved into the stock on recommendation by a good friend who had a great deal of faith in management who are close to the "dealings". Whatever they are, changing for the better 1/2 year, by 1/2 year when the stories and technology just get better and better.

    If it is so jolly good and is there for all to see, why not list and let the market market weight it???

    I actually hear that their new MtJph2(acronym for Mars to Jupiter P*ss Horn II) Technology will be even better than all the brilliant ball busting technology these sp*of hurlers have brought into our lives already.

    Oh well the same 'ole story from the halycon heydays of 2000. Invest in blue sky rants and be prepared to drop all your dough.

    I believe they made all the dough they wanted to after the tech collapse ramping it from 4c to 50c within the 3 month period before it ceased trading. There were several large fluctuations between the low 20's and 40's.

    As with most WER holders I tore my buy up long ago, but it would be nice if these incompetents would stop the rot or be busted by one of the many so called regulators supposedly patrolling the markets for the good of all the stakeholders.

    Happy trading.

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