NWT 0.00% 11.5¢ newsat limited

newsat announce new usa contract ...., page-30

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    We all hoped the dumping was over as from now on they are selling at a loss like the rest of us!

    On the up side, no news is good news on ABG I understand that NWT have offered several alternative services so this may take a little longer for Dept or Optus to get their heads around.

    There is really no justification for them knocking NWT back that's why NWT just spent all our shares on the 10m line of credit. Not to mention Newsat are providing a service on time, on budget to THE most remote places in Australia..

    Up, up side.

    1 99.9% for sure $5m from Airworks.
    2 Blue chip gets involved.
    3 Take over

    1 & 2 soon (Plus ABG) 3 who knows, it's cheap now you get control of a company that's spent squillions in research (OK trial and error) with a big tax loss for less than the tax loss.

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