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    More bad news.     I would love to have more positives.   I am going to limit my comments  to events not related to Malaysia from now on.    I think WW  events are setting Lynas up for some very rough times even after Malaysia works out at least a temporary solution ( which I still think should happen though doubt is creeping in)  Nd prices dropped again yesterday  for third time number of falls matching the 3 rises late October.     There are a couple of facts that help this a little.   The drop has been slower than   rise last October.   It has been less only 1 RMB KG yesterday, - 0.3%.    Before the price rises  the price set a low from March ‘18 to now of 311.5 RMB  The price is now 313.    So it is still above that low.     Still down over 14% from March.  



    The news for WW stock markets is evenworse       Several bell weather companies like APPL  are already cutting back Revenue estimates.   I expect profits to be OK for   the announcements in the next month or two I expect many companies will cut back forecast when they announced which will lead to a further market  decline I have been predicting for about 11 months and seeing for 6 months.    For more Data on this read   Do some of your own research the news is not good.   Of course it is possible this is the end of the storm and things will change.  If you believe that BUY BUY BUY. 


    Many of the commodities are down.  Crude steel and steel scrap are way down for the year,  these indicate industrial production.     Copper which is used to move electricity ( Like in PMMs)    is down for year.   Aluminum is down which is being used more and more in transportation where weight is important.  Yes there are some commodities that are up some up strongly   But it is JMO that the ones that are used in industries that are likely to use PMs are down and this means a further decrease in demand for PMs and REO in general. 


    Commodity Changes for CY  2018 are not all out when I see them I will post.   Good,  bad or neutral 

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