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News: NuSep poised to transform IVF sector

  1. NuSep (ASX:NSP) is looking to transform IVF by taking male infertility head on and doing so more quickly, cheaply and with better results with its SpermSep technology.

    The company has already demonstrated proof of concept with the completion of small in vivo human clinical trials and is entering in-vitro clinical trials.

    SpermSep selects the healthiest, most viable sperm cells from semen samples quickly, cheaply, and with reduced sperm damage.

    It compares favourably with current IVF processing which is a multi-stage, expensive, hands-on process performed by lab technicians.

    The technology is also applicable for the large animal reproduction market with IVF bovine trials to begin soon.

    Alison Coutts, executive chairman, outlined these points and many others at the February 2015 Proactive Investors Melbourne / Sydney Luncheons.

    The full presentation can be ACCESSED HERE.


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