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    Has Surety Of Supply Even Been Established For JFMAG Yet?

    Will we see if anymore fanfare (maybe Price sen) announcements will be put out there before Wed the 12th. Dazzling Dazzler or the Iconic Iceman maybe.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but have NTU released anything to confirm that the Tanami Desert Dream is ACTUALLY producing anywhere Near Or Above NamePlate, On Spec Product, Or Even Details That They Are Actually Shipping Product?

    My last calculations had them producing around 5% in volume (quality? who knows) of the 1,100,000 kg they had in their sales agreement for JFMAG, and that the first & last shipment of 2,578 kg's was back in December 2018.  2,578 kg is <0.25% (less than 1/4 of 1%) of their annual sales agreement commitment to JFMAG and to date no other shipment news in the last 5+ months?
    Is the sales agreement still in place with JFMAG? have I missed something and that they are searching for a new offtake partner.
    Or are we going to read all the devastating news after they have secured their salary's (with our come in spinner dilution money) for the next ................. .. .. .. . .. ..

    Where is this spare product availability going to come from if they can't even fulfill the offtake sales agreement that they have in place atm.

    : As far as I am aware 100% surety of supply for JFMAG has not even been established.

    : And Where Are The Assay Results Confirming The Worth Of Product?

    this imo is just more of the same come in spinner, show us your dollars, and we will gladly keep reading you fictional bedtime story's to help you sleep well at night.
    "early stage negotiations"  
    "no formal arrangements"
    "no certainty to the likelihood"
    "such proposals will be announced to the ASX if terms are ultimately agreed"
    I Think They Forgot To Add In, 'And Don't Hold Your Breath!'

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