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    Got a calculator ready andy?

    In total, 1,080,000,000 shares are currently escrowed, representing 58% of the Company’s 1,840,439,128 shares in issue. The Company will apply to ASX for quotation of these shares on 31 May 2018 pursuant to ASX Listing Rule 2.8.2.

    1,840,439,128 x $0.085 = $156.43 million bucks mate....And you even got an upthumb.

    funkman, please don't tell me that you've bought at around 2 cents, ridden it to 27 cents only to watch the majority your profit evaporate?

    Anyway, i dip my lid funkman. I had no idea of the extent of carnage created by the "We are going to be making from $600-1000 million per annum". As i type, 113 thumbs up and probably 95% are under water. Some are likely sitting on a 70% loss yet you've managed to make them feel great about their investment.....You may be the only one in profit but hat off, nicely done.

    This has played out exactly like a poker machine to date. Walking to the pokie venue, peolpe are dazzled by the ultimate prize of $600-1000 million per annum company spin, had some nice early gains gains care of constant news for close to twelve months and followed by and ever reducing balance where they throw more and more good money after bad. Gee protect your capital with stop losses guys. The last capital raise was at a 23% discount to the market and not a cent from your directors....Surely this is of concern to at least some of the 113 thumbers!

    They say $600-1000 million per annum yet refused to take up their right (In light of their rhetoric, one would feel an obligation) to $15k worth of stock....Are they mad, they'd multi-bag their $15k.

    Lets see if they're prepared to buy on market at 50% below the cap raise price.

    Stop losses guys, protect your capital, even the directors appear to be.
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