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    Iactually agree with you but would not lay this on ALs shoulders alone.     She solved many problems.   This was lower on her list.  When you live next to something that grows slowly it is hard to appreciate how big it is. I am surprised those that have visited the lamp did not make note of it especially people that visited a few years ago and recently,   here is a table of last 5 years of production


    REO in FY 2018



    REO in FY 2017



    Sub total 17-18



    REO in FY 2016



    REO in FY 2015



    REO in FY 2014



    Sub total 14-16






    Thispile has grown 2.3 times  in the last two years!  Assuming that waste volume follows production, probably not totally correct but close enough for this discussion.    With NEXT improvements and increased output it will probably take about 3 years to double again!   Looking at pictures from Lynas I cannot imagine what this would look like.     I agree this material is safe.  How long before this becomes a BLOB that takes over the entire Facility?   Does this limit Lynas’s production Growth and total time of plant?

    Ido put some of the blame on the government. They have dragged their feet horribly on codicil.  Lynas needs a solid answer on this be it, No, Yes,   or Yes but do this.   It is hard to spend time and money on something that the governments may approve your plans on next week.  Lynas can not move on this without an answer on Codicil!     

    AsFar as waste that contains Thorium the government has to step up and take someof the blame.   The problem is still mainly Lynas’s  but without the government being a partner this problem will grow till it hurts many different parties.     Moving this making Zero dust will be a problem no matter where it goes.  Thorium suspended in the air is the most dangerous state it can be in.    If even a small particle is trapped in your lungs it bombards that area continuously for years.  Since Alpha penetration is so shallow the DNA disruption is very localized and intense in that area.   

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