News: Japan offers to buy 102,631 tonnes of food wheat via tender

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    TOKYO, July 5 (Reuters) - Japan's Ministry of Agriculture is seeking to buy a total of 102,631 tonnes of food quality wheat from the United States and Canada in a regular tender that will close late on Thursday.

    Japan, the world's sixth-biggest wheat importer, keeps a tight grip on imports of the country's second-most important staple after rice, and buys a majority of the grain for milling via tenders typically issued thrice a month.

    Details are as follows (in tonnes):

     COUNTRY		TYPE							 Quantity  
     U.S.		   Dark Northern Spring			  31,969*  
    				(protein minimum 14.0 pct)		 
     Canada		 Western Red Spring				35,056*  
    				(protein minimum 13.5 pct)				  
    				Western Red Spring				35,606*  
    				(protein minimum 13.5%)			
    	Shipment * Loading between Aug. 21 and Sep. 20  

    Source: Ministry of Agriculture

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