OCO oriel communications limited

news is excellent

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    I have been watching this for a few days now, and was alerted to it by charting showing it as oversold (when it was in the 1c mark).

    Getting into the Chinese market is very difficult at the best of times. Until recently you would have been wise to be sceptical about OCOs claims about being able to crack the Chinese market in this area (especially with government intervention and so on, they advise companies what they are allowed to use). However, with the partnership in place, and the progress that has been shown, you cannot help but feel the battle has been won.

    Even with the recent rise to above 3c, this company's market cap is still only $13million. There is plenty of potential appreciation based on that figure.

    The stock will probably come back short-term due its quick rise, but this company is on the verge of tapping into a large consumer-base, and that has to be worth a punt, in my opinion.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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