I think this period in our history may well be a Renaissance of...

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    I think this period in our history may well be a Renaissance of the people.
    People world wide are protesting, blocking streets, demanding a change in government and their rights.
    The internet has played its part in this awakening.
    We now know for sure we have been stolen from and lied to, our wages suppressed, caught in a debt spiral, taxed everywhere and every time we spend, have our money wasted by governments, our military involved in wars other countries start and sick of watching our political representatives agree to send us to war in foreign lands on the other side of the world. None of this is a conspiracy any more.

    We are sick of governments making policy for their allied industries which are not in the best interests of the people.
    We are sick of being ripped off, lied to and treated like a money pit for big banks and industry.

    The people are rising and awakening and it wont stop now.
    The pitchforks are out, the torches are being lit and the people are picking a castle to march on.

    Those that have ripped us off and lied to us in the name of the best interests of the people should be very worried imo.
    The peasants are looking straight at you and they are not happy.
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