News: Global corporate defaults rise to 100 issuers - S&P

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    NEW YORK, July 14 (Reuters) - Global corporate defaults grew to 100 issuers so far in 2016, up 50 percent from a year ago and the most at this point of the year since the 177 during the credit crisis in 2009, Standard & Poor's said on Thursday.

    Year-to-date, 67 of the defaults are based in the United States, 18 in emerging markets, nine in the other developed nations that include Australia, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand, and six in Europe, the rating agency said.

    In 2015, 62 issuers defaulted during this period: 32 were based in the United States, 14 in emerging markets, 12 in Europe and four in the other developed countries, it said.

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