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Something I think worth mentioning is that a business needs to...

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    Something I think worth mentioning is that a business needs to be able to clearly articulate what it is they do , which problem they solve to copy the popular phrase - I still think that this is actually the biggest question that FGO is actually asking itself ? What are we ?

    I say this not to envoke a philosophcal debate but more to encourage them to agree on what they do as a business and then go ahead and do it.
    A convoluted business or technology does not necessarily correlate to a successful and profitable business , so I ask again - What specific problem does Flamingo.ai solve ?

    I actually downloaded and installed ZenDesk (chat-bot) last week and not only was it easy to do , analytics provided and I received a call to follow up my installation. It got me thinking why don't FGO do this or something similar . It's easy to hide behind complex algorithms or sci-fi AI and ML language and terms but ultimately at some stage you need to tell us what you do ?

    I'm quite technical myself and struggle to fully understand what FGO does, even though I hold shares and will continue to do so .

    It's easy to hide behind buzz words.

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