LONDON, May 15 (Reuters) - Northwest European gasoline refining...

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    LONDON, May 15 (Reuters) - Northwest European gasoline refining margins fell by over $2 a barrel to $18.15 a barrel on Wednesday even as U.S. inventories fell unexpectedly.

    • A total of 12,000 metric tons of Eurobob E5 traded on Wednesday in the Argus window, with BP selling to Gunvor and ExxonMobil.

    • Eurobob E10 liquidity was lower at 6,000 metric tons, with Shell selling to Mabanaft.

    • U.S. gasoline stocks USOILG=ECI fell by 235,000 barrels last week to 227.8 million barrels, the Energy Information Administration said, compared with expectations in a Reuters poll for a 537,00-barrel build.​
    • Gasoline product supplied was at 8.9 million bpd last week, up slightly from the week before. However, the four-week average for product supplied of gasoline was at 8.7 million bpd, versus 9.1 million bpd for the same period last year.
    • Gasoline exports from the EU and UK are on track to reach 717,000 bpd so far this month, Kpler data showed, down from 1.108 million bpd in April.
    			Trade	Bid	  Offer	Prev.	Buyer	Seller 
     Ebob								  $839			   

    Barges MOC Platts E5 (fob ARA) Ebob Barges E10 Platts(fo b ARA)

     Ebob	   $845.25					$854.50  BP	   Gunvor, 
     Barges	 (12 KT)					(4KT)			 ExxonMo 
     Argus												   bil 

    E5(fob AR)

     Ebob	   $843.25					$845.75  Shell	Mabanaf 
     Barges	 (6KT)					  -				 t 
     E10 Argus							 $851.25			

    (fob AR) (24KT) June swap $844 $833 (fob ARA)

     Premium					  $850	 $836 (2			
     Unleaded							  barges)			

    (fob ARA)

     Cargoes					  $846	 May				
     (fob MED)							 +$11			   

    Cargoes (cif NWE) Naphtha May +$6 (cif NWE)

    Ebob crack (per barrel) $18.15 Prev. $20.344 Brent futures LCOc1 Rbob RBc1 Rbob crack RBc1-CLc1

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