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news comimng up 11 percent on early trade

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    Nice early morning run to .083..... but has now settled to .078 Up 6.85%

    Here's a quick look over on this mornings trading, as at 10.36a.m. & there's no doubt News is not far away as its now trading 2.5 times Daily Av. Volume of 1,015,102..... " Good Sign Someone Knows "........ My hunch is this afternoon :)

    500,000 Capper has now been placed at .08... Games at Play:)

    No. of Trades: 49
    Current Volume: 2,655,649

    Opening Price: 0.075
    High Price: 0.083
    Low Price: 0.075
    Last Price as at 10.32a.m.: 0.078

    Here's the latest Opening Half Hour Intra-Day Trading between 10.00a.m. to 10.30a.m.

    Cheers to all patient BLR Holders from grant64 :)
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