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News: Ceramic Fuel Cells micro power plant delivers electrical efficiencies

  1. Dual listed Ceramic Fuel Cells' (ASX:CFU, LON:CFU) micro power plant has delivered high efficiency over an extreme operating range in a test of the product.

    The company is developing fuel-cell-based, micro power plants and has demonstrated leading electrical efficiencies of 60% or greater from 1.5kW through to a reduced power output of nearly 0.8kW.

    Electrical efficiencies of greater than 50% have been demonstrated down to 0.5kW or about 30% of its power output.

    BlueGEN is one of the world's most efficient, small-scale electricity generators, delivering high electrical efficiency.

    Maintaining record breaking efficiencies over such an extreme range enables BlueGEN to be readily controlled at reduced power outputs without detriment.

    This would in turn make the product even more attractive for integration with renewable energy sources, such as in a Virtual Power Plant.

    The potential of the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology would enable customers to operate the BlueGEN product in applications where a flexible power output is required.

    This would generate efficiencies over the required operating regime.

    The Company's SOFC technology could deliver ultra efficient products over a wide output range, including micro-generation products down to 0.5kW, to meet individual electricity demand of different types of buildings.

    Product development will focus on cost reduction and further product improvement and increase penetration of BlueGENs into selected markets.


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