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News: AVQ Axiom Mining Announces Rights Issue To Raise Up To $4.2 Mln, page-61

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    mboose if RM called anyone corrupt then good on him because that's what they are.

    Did you know the Japanese Government threatened the SI Government during the legal battle. It said it would cut off its foreign aid if Sumitomo didn't win the lease on Kolosori.

    Sumitomo didn't win the lease, as a result destroying most of its relationships in the process. The court case was 'Sumitomo versus Axiom landowners and the Solomon Islands Government.

    It is also true that RM called some of SMM employees corrupt because one or two of them actually admitted to being involved in corrupt behaviour. You are wrong about the customary landowners though.

    Most opposition competing companies, who ever they are, were never insulted by RM. Please provide details because I think you are making this up.

    Axiom have a policy of not talking about other companies.

    IMO you don't sound like a credible person.

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