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News: AVQ Axiom Mining Announces Rights Issue To Raise Up To $4.2 Mln, page-56

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    Geo if RM was honest in his advice he would have told all AVQ shareholders and thus the wider community how the SI Minerals Board works internally.
    RM (imo and based on years of HAVING to watch how he tries to go about things) has a serious deficiency in how he thinks and then operates. He must believe that ridicule and bullying will force an opponent to capitulate. He must further believe this tactic gains him support and places him in a winnable position! Yes it seems to gain him personal support, as evidenced by some SH commentary here on HC, but this delivers no productive benefit to AVQ SP. Even seems to make some SH’s feel good!
    His behaviour does NOT cause his targets to capitulate nor disappear. Hence the reappointment of current SI Minister MME.
    His behaviour does NOT produce positive outcomes that benefit AVQ’s goals. Evidenced by the loss of Kolosori ML and 50 year land lease.
    Back to SI MME Board, it’s minister and how dept operates.
    All ministerial matters including licence app’s etc
    come before the full board for discussion. The board then makes a recommendation which goes to the Minister for consideration and THE MINISTERS FINAL decision. The Minister has the final call, not the board.
    So for RM to say the Mines Minister interfered with the Minerals Boards decision is both untruthful and misleading. Typical of RM’s m’ment style of causing distrust etc. Even worse, his approach causes unknown damage to AVQ’s reputation and chances of advancing our commercial opportunities in SI.
    And I believe this, in part, is why AVQ is experi. ncing total distain from within the SI gov and some sections of the customary landowners at present. As evidenced by no SI Ministerial Gov rep attendance at AVQ’s recent ground breaking ceremony on San Jorge.
    Geo that is my take on things based on 10 years of observation and dismal outcomes.
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