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News: ATU Atrum Coal updates on litigation settlement with former founders, BC Anthracite

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    July 14 (Reuters) - Atrum Coal NL (ATU) :

    • Litigation settlement details (ATU)
    • Atrum settles Western Australia supreme court and federal court proceedings
    • Pleased to announce that all litigation with the former founders and BC

      ANTHRACITE has ceased"

    • Atrum and Bc Anthracite to negotiate cooperation agreement for the joint

      development of infrastructure in the groundhog region

    • Agreed no liability settlement reached in Western Australia supreme court,

      federal court of Australia proceedings, which will be dismissed by consent"

    • Refers to legal proceedings involving former directors moran and d'anna
    • Bc Anthracite grants royalty over 31 of its tenements to Atrum"
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