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    Molopo signs LNG supply MoUFiled from Houston
    3/5/2008 5:35:23 PM GMT
    SOUTH AFRICA: Molopo Australia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to supply a South Africa-based industrial gases company with liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Molopo's Free State Gas Field 77 miles (125 km) southwest of Johannesburg.
    Molopo may supply up to 80,000 gallons/day of LNG, which will be used to replace high priced imported liquefied petroleum gas with LNG from Molopo's plant.
    The methane used to generate LNG will be sourced from the Free State Gas Field, where methane is currently venting from old mineral exploration boreholes. Existing production has been measured at over 1 MMcf/d; Molopo will seek to increase these volumes through a program of well workovers, new wells and identifying additional gas-emitting boreholes.

    The MoU allows Molopo to supply smaller amounts of LNG based on production. The existing production should support an initial plant of 10,000 gallons/day.

    The LNG plant could be scaled up as more gas becomes available. Molopo is in discussions with several groups for the supply of small scale LNG plants.

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