newest lord monckton interview 12/7

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    Lord Monckton's studio interview with Alan Jones, Tuesday am
    12/7/2011. Radio 2GB - Sydney.

    Just caught up with a replay of excerpts from this complete interview tonight on Victora's MTR. I'll listen to the whole lot tomorrow when I get time.

    A must listen for all - whatever your view. At least in the name of balance, hear him speak. His is an alternate view in this current sea of the one-sided and often ignorant, ill informed totalitarian propaganda which we're being currently fed by Labor and the Greens. A heap of socialistic dogmatic rubbish!

    In the light of Monckton having been silenced in some quarters - in itself outrageous - his is extremely knowledgable and sensible opinion which we all would do well to hear and take into account.

    Bet Ms. Gillard had her ear muffs on - and has never listened to Monckton. Let alone Jones - whom she makes clear she absolutely loathes, and refused to do any interviews with. she had a nasty crack at Joes on Q&A. Arrogant ignorance from an egotistical Prime Minister.

    Monckton is always reasoned, gracious, and is extremely well informed, with a vast amount of knowledge on his subject. and he is not afraid to be interviewed, and to asnwer questions! A rare quality!!

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