New Zealand wine makers taking the piss

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    "A ‘PERVERSE’ arrangement which sees millions of Australian taxpayer dollars funnelled to New Zealand wine producers every year looks set to be abolished."

    "The New Zealand rebate scheme was introduced in 2005 under the Howard government. Under the rebate scheme, Australian taxpayers “refunded” New Zealand wine makers to the tune of $25 million in the last financial year, up around 10 per cent on the $23 million paid in 2012-13."

    "While the New Zealand wine producers get the rebate, they don’t pay the tax in the first instance, and as such, it’s not a rebate but a subsidy, he argues."

    "However, the DSICA wants the entire WET rebate — which saw Australian taxpayers refund $308 million to wine makers in 2013-14 — to be scrapped. The WFA is only calling for the separate New Zealand subsidy scheme to be ended."
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