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    The saying is "the people who live by the sword, die by the sword"


    "The people who live by the dollars, die by the dollars"

    It is proved. Worldcom, Enron, HIH, Mr. Rodney Edler, Harris Scarf,
    One Tel, few to name. But

    More to follow.

    Zero Interest rate???? Desperation. Fear. Americans have scared this world
    into fear with its might.
    Extraordinary circumstances can create extraordinary measures.
    Recently the Americans and the English world have turned too arrogant. It is
    not their fault. The circumstances are making them to do so. At the end or their
    tenure, the Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Romans, Ottoman Empires,
    they were going through these kind of circumstances. That followed their fall.
    Forced moderanisation of the conservative world is the backlash. It is haunting
    the English world.

    The world can run only with the English world. Build it, Debuild it and Rebuild it.
    But this will lead to "extraordinary circumstances".

    But I am happy to live with the devil I know.

    But the others are not. China will lead the third world to raise a rival to USA and
    the English world. The new force on international level. THE EC. This is where
    The EC will confront the USA and the English world economically. They will fight
    for their survival. This quarrel will lead to fall of
    USA and the English world as economic power and force. The Englsih world is
    surviving only because of close contact with rich Jewish people who are running
    their econonomy. The Jewish are feeling more protected in the hands of the English
    World. But they have given them the land called Israel BUT no peace of mind.
    Jewish will not be feelling safe in the hands of EU. Because of the Mulsim world
    will be more closer to EC economically. In this scenerio, the Jews as a nation
    will be in trouble.

    So, the extraordinary circumstances will creat extraordinary situation.
    This is the new world order.


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