New world laws and courts needed

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    On a national level we are able to jail policemen,priests,politicians,lawyers and anyone from the top of society to the bottom.However this is not the case at the moment on the world stage,except in isolated cases like the court in the Hague trying Milosevic.There has been much discussion about the need for a world court and laws that are separate from national laws and religion.This would be separate from the UN or sponsored by it.By having this level of law the world population at large could control politicians and religious leaders more effectively over their actions.Does that sound impossible or immoral?Probably,but it is happening at a national level and it must now happen on an international level.We have Bush and Blair willing to break laws to carry out their foreign policy.This should not be necessary or possible.These new laws and courts should cover those taking part in aggression and those defending.The weaknesses in the present system are shown in the internees in Cuba from Afghanistan and the chase for suspects around the world.The politicians of the world should get down to some solid work and come up with new ideas before we are embroiled in wars across the globe.Law and order is fundamental to our peaceful existence.
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