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    Last Update: Sunday, November 14, 2004. 1:02pm (AEDT)
    Criminal's DNA filed under relative's name

    The New South Wales Opposition is calling for an investigation into claims that police have entered DNA data for serious offenders under incorrect names.

    The New South Wales ombudsman has carried out an audit of DNA samples taken from more than 100 serious offenders and found errors in a number of cases.

    The discrepancies are between records held by police and those held by a laboratory contracted to maintain the state's DNA database.

    In one case, information was entered under the name of an offender's relative.

    Opposition police spokesman Peter Debnam says the matter must be investigated.

    "DNA is so important in police work, so important in law enforcement, [that] we've got to make sure the processes and recording are absolutely perfect," he said.

    New South Wales Police Minister John Watkins has defended the methods police use to record DNA data.

    Mr Watkins says an internal audit is under way following the report.

    "We've already changed procedures to deal with some of those recommendations and the ombudsman's other recommendations are being considered by an inter-departmental working group chaired by the Attorney-General," he said.

    Mr Watkins says some of the errors occurred because of bad handwriting and some prisoners using false names.

    Another ombudsman's report is due to be released next year.

    Just imagine if they'd have filed yipyak's dna file under my name! Grrrrr! How nauseating!
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