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new w10 technology to undergo aust lab analys

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    30 December 2009
    ASX Announcement
    Regals New W10 Technology To Undergo Australian Laboratory Analysis
    W10 to be laboratory tested for coal liquefaction and hydrocarbon upgrading properties
    Testing and product analysis to be carried out by leading analysts Amdel Ltd
    Hydrocarbons to be tested will include brown coal (lignite), sub-bituminous coal and eventually other
    hydrocarbons such as black coal, oil shale and Canadian oil sands
    Off-take products to be tested for will include liquid hydrocarbons (i.e. crude oil) and gases such as
    hydrogen, CO2 and methane.
    Regal Resources Limited (Regal) holds the exclusive world-wide license for the patent pending Underground
    Coal to Liquids (UCTL) and the W10 alkaline metal catalyst technologies. Regal believes both technologies
    have application for hydrocarbon liquefaction and/or upgrading.
    The Directors of Regal are pleased to announce that Regal is in the process of commissioning leading
    laboratory/analytical testing group Amdel Ltd, to undertake a series of laboratory based testing and analysis of
    the liquefaction and upgrading properties of W10.
    The analysis will be conducted at Amdels prestigious Adelaide based petroleum laboratories. Amdel is part of
    the globally respected Bureau Veritas Group and is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities
    The laboratory analysis will consist of bench scale exposure of hydrocarbon samples (e.g. brown coal) to W10
    and other reagents which is expected to result in a vigorous exothermic (i.e. heat generating) reaction which is
    expected to convert a large percentage of the sample into a mixture of liquids and gases. Amdel will then collect
    these resulting products and submit them to analytical techniques (such as Gas Chromatography) to identify the
    properties of the product. The products to be tested for will include liquid hydrocarbon fractions (e.g. light and
    medium crude oils) and gases such as hydrogen, CO2 and methane.
    Regal believes that this laboratory based analysis will provide useful information to assist in the planning of
    subsequent in field testing which can be designed for implementation at Regals Oak Park testing facility in
    Victoria (subject to regulatory approval).
    From both the initial laboratory analysis and subsequent Oak Park field tests, Regal can assemble useful data
    to assess the commercial viability of W10 as an agent for hydrocarbon liquefaction and/or upgrading. Such an
    assessment will include estimates of input costs per unit of production (e.g. per barrel of oil or m3 of gas).
    The initial round of laboratory based analysis for W10 is expected to occur during the months of January and
    February 2010. Regal will make further announcements to the market as results from the laboratory analysis
    come to hand.
    For further information please contact Mr Angus Edgar (+61) 3 8610 8600.
    Angus Edgar
    Managing Director
    R E G A L R E S O U R C E S L I M I T E D A B N 2 3 1 0 6 2 9 4 1 0 6
    Level 14
    31 Queen Street
    Melbourne Victoria 3000
    T (+61 3) 8610 8633
    F (+61 3) 8610 8666
    E [email protected]

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