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    traders starting to take notice of SCX today. look for a strong close. SCX has-

    * an interest in ten uranium exploration licences in the northern territory with a proven uranium/vanadium resource, and the company has “expressed its interest in increasing its holding in the area” this quarter!

    * a copper and nickel project in the northern territory.

    * a group 1 and 2 minerals exploration licence in NSW.

    * gold exploration projects in victoria, namibia and the philippines.

    * a diamond exploration subsidiary which the company has been seeking to float on the ASX.

    * a market capitalization of under $1 million dollars.

    * investments in 3 other ASX listed companies (a biotech, oil explorer and venture capital company), worth $1.2 million at current prices.

    * a mortgage worth $3.7 million over land in fiji. the company adds that “the recent increased number of enquiries regarding the properties indicate that it is an opportune time to take steps to develop the land.”
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