New to the property market

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    Hey guys,

    Im a 26 year old who is looking to get into the property market. I currently rent in Sydney and have quite a lot saved up in my savings, while also having a share portfolio, however i thought it would be best to diversity and have a dual share and property portfolio. With all the news about a potentially dropping property market, i have set myself a goal to enter the market either late 2020 or earlier 2021.
    Very open to some recommendations in relation to;

    a. Would it be best to buy a property, live in it for 6 months then rent it out (to obtain the stamp duty concession)?
    b. buy a unit and rent it out?
    c. buy a block or land and build a new house to seek the tax benefits?

    Open to any ideas or discussion from anyone who has previously had some experience in property investing.

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