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    Company Announcement
    New Technology Patent Application

    The Directors of Solagran are pleased to announce that the company has been granted priority by the Russian Agency for Patents and Trademarks (RAPT) for its application for a new and comprehensive technology patent. The Directors believe that the technology detailed in this patent application strengthens significantly the company’s competitive position as a world leader in the extraction of plant-based biologically active substances.

    Solagran now has an exclusive twelve month window of opportunity in which to file an international patent application in relation to this new technology. During this period, no other applications from potential competitors (either inside or outside Russia) can be considered. The company’s patent attorney is currently preparing an international patent application.

    The Directors believe that the technology detailed in this new patent application achieves three main outcomes for the company.

    Wider Raw Material Sourcing that Blocks Potential Competitors. Solagran’s two previous technology patents covered the extraction of Bioeffectives® from pine, fir and spruce trees. The new technology patent expands the company’s IP protection to include extraction from non-confers (including Ginkgo Biloba and Cunninghamia Lancelota) and several additional conifer species. This move effectively blocks the path forward for potential competitors who have been working to replicate older technology that was first developed by Solagran’s scientists. It also means that ultimately, the new extraction technology can be utilised by Solagran in all countries with a suitable raw material source.

    Greater Purity in Bioeffective® Production - Particularly Bioeffective R. The new and softer extraction technology developed by Solagran and covered by this patent enables high value Bioeffectives® to be obtained at lower temperatures than was possible using existing technology. This means less modification of natural products leading to greater purity, since fewer by-products are created during chemical transformation. The net effect is that Solagran can now produce high value Bioeffectives® in commercial quantities at very high levels of purity. This is particularly significant for the production of Bioeffective R – the substance that is currently the subject of trials in relation to its hepatoprotective properties (i.e. its effectiveness in treating hepatitis, cirrhosis, and other chronic liver diseases).

    Significantly Lower Production Cost. The key to the extraction of Bioeffectives® is the ability to gently extract biologically active substances without damaging or destroying them. This requires very “soft” extraction processes, which can be both expensive and difficult to scale up. Solagran’s new technology is “softer” and uses less process steps than existing technology. This means it can be scaled up at a significantly lower unit production cost than the previous technology permitted.

    In the opinion of the Directors, these outcomes serve to widen considerably the already large gap that exists between the Solagran R&D team, and other teams of scientists in Europe and Asia that have been trying to develop competing technology.

    The Directors also believe that the true value to shareholders arising from the development of this new technology will become evident once Solagran is in a position to progressively release the results of trials related to the use of Bioeffective R, currently being conducted in Russia.
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