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    This Burns fellow is on the ball. I cant wait to see where this little company is in 2 years.


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    "21 February 2008 - ASX
    Carnegie Acquires New Solar & Wind Clean Energy Technologies
    �� New low cost, base-load solar thermal technology
    �� New aerofoil wing technology with wind energy applications
    �� Carnegie diversifies clean technology portfolio
    Carnegie Corporation Limited (ASX: CNM), the developer of the CETO Wave
    Energy and Cleaner Coal Power (CCP) technologies, has acquired two new clean
    technologies - a solar thermal technology and a wind aerofoil technology – further
    strengthening its position in the clean tech sector.
    Both technologies are at early stages but both show exceptional promise. The solar
    thermal technology collects the thermal energy of the sun via a novel efficient means,
    stores it as heat in a low cost storage solution and then draws heat as required for zeroemission
    power generation. The energy collection component is currently at the small
    scale prototype stage.
    The wind technology involves a unique approach to aerofoil design, and is at the
    computational modelling stage. An aerofoil is a wing, propeller or blade, whose shape
    and orientation controls stability, direction, lift and thrust or propulsion. Current modelling
    shows a step-change improvement in efficiency may be possible, and that applications
    may extend beyond wind turbines into turbine technology more generally.
    Both technologies have been invented by Carnegie’s Chairman Alan Burns and are at
    the provisional patent stage. Mr Burns is the inventor of a number of technologies either
    currently in commercial operation or under development including the Pursuit Jet Drive,
    a technology with no moving parts which uses steam to deliver a supersonic force that
    can be used as a motor or pump to efficiently drive objects and materials. He is also
    inventor of the puncture-proof industrial tyre technology, the Airboss tyre, as well as
    Carnegie’s CETO and CCP technologies.
    The technologies to date have been developed by a private research company in Perth
    from whom Carnegie has acquired them. Carnegie will pay no consideration for the
    technologies but will fully fund their development and, once commercial, pay a 2%
    royalty on revenue earned by the technologies.
    Carnegie Managing Director, Dr Michael Ottaviano said: “Carnegie’s aim is to become a
    diversified clean technology developer and operator. These two acquisitions allow us to
    apply our unique technical development competency across our diversified portfolio of
    investments in wave, clean coal, solar and wind energy.”
    “There is increasing interest in the clean technology sector from industry, government
    and investors alike and Carnegie is well placed to capitalise upon further sector growth,”
    he said." END QUOTE.
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