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    Once a stock confirms its downtrend, any good chartist will exit the trade. If this bloke really stayed in AGY the entire downtrend... I would be questioning his charting ability to say the least.

    TA on AGY said SELL a VERY long time ago. You didn;t need to be an expert to know this either... Basic knowledge would've done the trick.

    In recent times AGY charts are looking better after over a year of down-trending.

    Any decent chartist would've got out of AGY at over 20cents and would've only been reconsidering a re-entry over the last couple months.

    The people defending the poor chartists that are being ridiculed.. Honestly just don;t know what they're looking at.

    Imagine if you were a teacher... There was one kid at school who thought he was a genius and told everyone he got 100% on his report card... But you the teacher know he failed and got 0 correct. All the kids believe him, he is popular so confirmation bias helps him, but the teacher cannot stand lies.

    You as the teacher decide to show everyone that report card, but the kids still believe the student. Imagine how frustrated you would be as that teacher?? That is what goes on here on HC constantly... Confirmation bias by a bunch of people with no clue what they're talking about.

    In charting there is a thing called probability percentages.. Some of the posters here provide LOW probability percentage options that are utter pictorial lies or false knowledge given out by a complete novice(which should be STATED if this is the case)

    It is what it is.

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