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new supply agreement to us market

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    I'm a little confused regarding the announcement today. Can I assume that AAQ are not involved in the growing of the Basa but are purely distributors of the product which is grown in Vietnam by another party?
    No figures given by AAQ for this deal at all, either.

    I fear something is seriously wrong with AAQ based purely on the pathetic share price. Are State One continuing to sell as they wish to push the share price as low as possible for the inevitable capital raising which will be needed if the Vietnam farming development progresses, which appears to be a long way behind schedule?

    Does the market fear that Vietnam wont progress and AAQ will not be capable of making a very significant profit out of their Turner Falls operations, especially with the appreciating AUD?

    Also why was Garth Graham interested in selling his shares? Surely State One would have been happy to sell a few of theirs, assuming they have been the main sellers recently. Also, was the prospective Yankee shareholder involved in this recent deal with the Basa or is this another contract that AAQ board are progressing?

    A lot of questions and not much direction coming from AAQ atm.
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