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    I am in the process of designing a new software package which I believe is unique in the way it works.

    The software will give you intraday trading ranges ie will give you the 2 possible resistance prices & 2 possible support prices so that within a day you can execute a number of trades as per the ranges. IE Say you pull up NCP, the previous day close was 11.68, the software would then say 1 resistance line was at 11.70 and the 2nd one at 11.75, it would also say the support line would be at 11.64 and the 2nd support line at 11.58.

    So bearing these figures in mind you would try and buy the stock close to either 11.58 or 11.64 and try and sell it either at 11.68 or 11.75.

    The system uses mathematical formulas to come to the resistance and support lines based on previous day's price actions.

    I am trialing the system myself at the moment it tends to work a lot better for liquid stocks and for stocks which are trading over 10 cents.

    My main question is to find out if their is an interest for such software and if so what would be a reasonable price you would pay for such software.

    The software needs to have the EOD data to calculate the next days ranges.

    I shall be looking at getting a couple of BETA testers some time shortly after the new year as well.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.
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