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    Well, well, well, my last cranker for at least a month (or so), as I will be away overseas.
    I'm sure some will be pleased to see the back of me...... probably been doing it for too long now.

    Anyway, I will start an XJO September Thread tomorrow night instead of the regular weekend charting and chat, which can be used for the rest of September,
    unless of course someone wants to step up and do a daily cranker in my absence.

    Hopefully someone can start an October thread on the change of month.
    This site (with pages) is well suited for great big threads, and it also makes it easier to find old posts if required.

    Good Morning and Welcome to the XJO Friday Thread

    News for Today (AEST)

    The XJO (finally) closed higher on Thursday, after dipping lower (again) during the session.
    Volume (value traded) may have been affected by Equity Index Expiry, but on the raw figures was well above average again.
    Spread was again wide, with the close above midbar for the first time in a while.

    The intraday 10min chart (not shown) did show that a potential change in behaviour may be taking place, with some buying coming in, after many days of supply, and a lack of demand for higher prices.
    If it continues this transition may take a little time........ or even fail ........and while a 'V' shaped recovery is always possible, it is probably fairly unlikely,
    and besides a bit of sideways action to build up some strength is always welcome.

    Good Trading and Investing

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