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new protective face mask

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    Well looks like the Russian had his finger on the pulse. The brokers have valued UNI exactly the same as OMI. 90 Mil dollars a piece. That is of course omitting UNI’s bulk escrowed shares. I guess its 18 months before the escrow conditions are removed so why not push the 35 million share angle. 18 months is a lifetime away in this game.
    I am a bit peeved because I have a swag of OMI shares but I am content with the horse Ive chosen to ride in this field. By matching OMIs valuation perfectly the UNI promoters have convinced me that UNI is a dog on a leash and any punter that holds or buys after the “anticipated” announcement will be very sad and sorry. I have even heard talk lately of UNI purchasing OMI while cashed up. Not bad work for 3mil in the bank.. A bit like AOL and Time Warner. I agree with you Munch that UNI is a crock of dung and was formed with the idea of never selling a single syringe in its short lifetime. Floating it for 3 mil was genius. Any more and it would never have got off the ground. By matching OMI UNI has convinced me that it was formed solely to cash in on the success of OMI. To the promoters “ I really love your work” To the punters who hold” take your millions now, or better, at market reopen after the ann. After all I can state word for word what the announcement will say. UNI is pleased to announce the manufacture of 10000 syringes for Clinical Trial and marketing purposes. During this time we will retool our first production plant with the $3 mil in the bank to assemble the first 50 mil syringes for the Australasian market. And with the rest of the cash we will start the rollout of 10 plants in other parts of the world. Especially USA and Europe. UNI has gained worldwide attention from the West Sydney awards for Engineering Excellence and development partners are banging our door down to get hold of our technology that is the only Retracting Syringe that doesn’t have a protruding needle.
    The board thanks you for your support during the drawn out development stage and looks forward to the introduction of our new Protective Face Mask that after 3 years of development is nearing the production phase.

    This should get it to $5 easy.
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